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More Than Blood

A community for self-made family

Not By Blood Alone:Community for found family
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I have created this Community as a resource for information for those with self-made families. Ultimately, this includes us all. Specifically, it's for those who may or may not be child-free (let's keep it civil), those who are in a same-sex union, those who are of alternative religions, polyamorous unions, unmarried heterosexuals with no partners but with friends who are as close as family.

I'm hoping that people feel free to post here what they find about Family Law that might apply to or affect the lives of folks in the above categories. I also hope to post and to see posted those bits of information that might help those with self-defined families protect themselves financially, legally and to ensure the care of the remaining family in times of need.

Thanks in advance to all who join. Please feel free to chime in about any relevant issues.

If you care to start off with Intros, please feel free to answer the following:

1. Define family
2. Who is part of your family now?
3. What has been your general experience with being part of a non-nuclear and/or non-blood family?

Best wishes, All! My answer is the very first post.